19/03/2001 - Island
Proposal to live telecast House proceedings Stop Shadow Boxing, says Milinda
(by Walter Nanayakkara and Resara Abeywardena)
Stop shadow boxing, said UNP National List MP Milinda Moragoda who was replying to a remark made by Leader of the House Richard Pathirana, in Parliament the previous day about the proposal to live telecast Parliamentary proceedings...
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28/04/2001 - Island
Saturday Commentary - The UNP Brouhaha
(by Prasad Gunewardena)
The heat of the UNP crisis subsided on Thursday after a top level meeting between the UNP leader Ranil Wickremasinghe with the 'Reformist Group” and a 'moderate Group”. The crisis which lasted a week indicated that three groups were there in the UNP...The Moragoda Group worked towards broadbasing democracy within the party...the UNP needed more internal democracy first to throw the PA out from office...
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29/04/2001 - The Sunday leader
War and peace in the UNP to defeat the government
Faced with an imminent split over Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe's vacillation in taking the fight to the government, the UNP finally closed ranks Thursday on the premise of defeating...
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31/05/2001 - Island
UNP working committee to discuss party reforms
The decision making working committee of the UNP was scheduled to meet... to discuss proposed reforms to the party constitution...These reforms proposed by the party’s "Moderate Group" led by MP Milinda Moragoda...
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06/07/2001 -
UNP meets to discuss reforms
The decision making working committee of the UNP will meet today to discuss proposed reforms to the party constitution, party sources said yesterday...These reforms proposed by the party’s ”Moderate Group” led by MP Milinda Moragoda...
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12/08/2001 - Sunday Observer
Moragoda: Conditional support for constitution
UNP faction moves to back PA Govt.
...'We feel that the UNP Parliamentary group should support the People’s Alliance Government group in Parliament to restore political stability, and implement democratic reforms with the five independent commissions and the abolition of the Executive Presidency. But the UNP Parliamentary group should not hold Cabinet portfolios in the Government,” Mr. Moragoda told the
Sunday Observer...
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19/08/2001 - Sunday Observer
Braves storm at Working Committee
Ranil affirms overtures to PA
(by Wijitha Nakkawita and Mendaka Abeyesekara)
At a stormy meeting of the United National Party Working Committee...Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe affirmed that party emissaries had engaged with the Government to explore ways of restoring political stability by assuring conditional support to the People’s Alliance regime...that the Milinda Moragoda initiative, as reported in the ‘Sunday Observer’ had been undertaken with his knowledge...the party leadership was engaged in exploring ways of...supporting the PA Government...on the basis of certain conditions laid down by the UNP...
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14/10/2001 - Island
Adhere to no-poster campaign, call by Milinda
"Candidates who intend to become law-makers should not begin by breaking laws, trying to put-up posters after nominations are given," observed former UNP MP Milinda Moragoda at the inauguration ceremony of the "Milinda Moragoda Institute of People's Empowerment" at the New Town Hall yesterday in Colombo...
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15/10/2001 - Daily Mirror
Elections sans posters
Well-known business magnate Milinda Moragoda, a UNP candidate in the December 5 general elections, has announced that he will not use any posters or plastic decorations for his campaign...
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28/10/2001 - Sunday Island
Milinda sets a good example
Milinda Moragoda who is contesting as a Colombo district UNP candidate at the forthcoming general election, said that he would not be a part of the poster campaign but would fight the election in accordance with the election laws. He has decided to set aside those funds for the welfare of the needy...
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