16/01/2008 - The Bottom Line
2008 year of consolidation for tourism – Milinda

On the strength of strong rebound in arrivals in the past two months, Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda hopes to make 2008 as the year of consolidation for the industry… “I want to thank the Sri Lanka Tourism Team including the private sector, for the efforts they made and the hard work they put in, in these challenging times…Minister Moragoda said…
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23/01/2008 - The Island
Tourism Ambassadors revive old memories in India

Tourism Minister Millinda Moragoda's move to appoint Arjuna and Aravinda as Tourism Ambassadors for Sri Lanka brought in immediate results following their successful mission to India to represent
Sri Lanka at last week's Ramayana launch in New Delhi and Economic Summit in Gurgaon…
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30/01/2008 - Daily Mirror
‘‘Sri Lankan Heritage” the Sri Lanka’s Premier Travel Magazine Presented to Minister of Tourism

Mr. Sumudu Kanishka Basnayake, Creative Director of the Sri Lankan Heritage”, the Sri Lanka’s Premier Travel Magazine officially presented the first copy to Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda at the Ministry of Tourism recently…contains a wide selection of articles in the different parts of Sri Lankan Tourism and Travel sector including…
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03/02/2008 - Sunday Lakbima News
Presidential awards for tourism launched

(by Lankika Ellepola)
The first ever Presidential Awards for Tourism was held...Minister of Tourism Milinda Moragoda and Sri Lanka Tourism Brand Ambassador Arjuna Ranatunga graced the pre event gathering... “This was a much awaited event for the tourism industry... These awards will be judged with no political interference... every thing was done by technical professionals in the industry…
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18/02/2008 - Daily Mirror
New Tourism Commissioner to settle disputes in the Sector

(by Sachini Weerawardena)
...Office of Commissioner for Tourism Administration to ensure the delivery of justice to any aggrieved party in the event of any injustice, unfair treatment... in the tourism sector…comes into operation with... promulgation of the Tourism Act of 2005. Minister of Tourism, Milinda Moragoda said... that the government has attempted to create a partnership between the government and the private sector... "Certain institutional reforms…laid the foundation to build a Tourism Industry fit for the 21st century," he said…
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22/02/2008 - The Island
Appointment of Commissioner vital to resolve simmering conflicts –CJ

(by Harischandra Gunaratna)
Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva recently hailing the appointment of a Tourism Commissioner... said other ministries too should follow example. ... “The role... was similar to that of an Ombudsman... He commended Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda for appointing a Tourism Commissioner to ensure fairness in the tourism industry, adding that appointment of such Commissioners to all ministries will benefit the country…
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24/02/2008 - The Nation
Trajectory of an inspiring economist

(by Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, Commonwealth Secretariat)
This year marks the 100th birth anniversary of N. U. Jayawardena. For those with an interest in the economic history of Sri Lanka and..stands out for his extraordinary achievements, intellectual brilliance, tenacity and energy… Jayawardena’s dedication to public service was shared by his grandson Hon. Milinda Moragoda, who has already served the country as Minister of Economic Reform and Information Technology and is currently Minister of Tourism…
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26/02/2008 - Daily News
A ceremony to issue the first day cover and stamp to commemorate Deshamanya N.U.Jayawardena’s birth Centenary was held at Temple Trees yesterday. Here the first day cover being presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksa... Tourism Minister Milinda Moragoda... also in the picture…
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27/02/2008 - Daily Mirror
Promotional push, special air fare deals to lure Arabian traveller

(by Sherwani Synon)
Special air fares together with a promotional push via Al Jazeera was launched…in a bid to lure the current 13,000 Arabian travellers. The Middle Eastern market has had a positive growth of 30% over the years and…
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27/02/2008 - The Bottom Line
For just and fair Play in tourism sector – Commissioner for Tourism Administration starts work

The office of Commissioner for Tourism Administration comes into operation with new institutional infrastructure implemented with the promulgation of the Tourism Act of 2005... The complaint forwarding procedure is to be announced in due course...The setting up of the office... and printing of the book on Buddhism for tourists' use are two out of several such dynamic initiatives pursued... under the guidance of the Tourism Minister…
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